Through our achievements as symbiont-music in music and acoustic arts, we have obtained significant experiences in the use of various types of media. We have transformed our passion into our profession.

Our studio contains a wideranging and creative concept. On the one hand, the flexible process of creating music is meant to be encouraged and accessible, on the other hand there is a strong focus on the technical and acoustic preconditions necessary to realize a perfect mixing. In order to fulfil the various requirements, an ongoing process helps to continuously improve and evolve.

If there are any questions, contact us via studio@symbiont-music.com


  • Siopis
  • Egokind
  • Agent!
  • Alle Farben
  • Der E-Kreisel
  • Geschwister Schumann
  • Fuchsberg
  • Funkenstrøm
  • Neverlake
  • Dub Resort
  • Sven Jozwiak
  • Gitte Verfuehrt
  • Daniele di Martino
  • St. Noise
  • Samuel Fach